Trade shows are a unique and invaluable opportunity for your business, your exhibitors, and your event attendees. Visitors can find industry-leading companies and learn about their products and exhibitors can find hundreds of prospective customers and make new connections within days if not hours. However, almost all of those benefits are lost if your trade show doesn’t have an effective method for tracking and sharing sales leads. Help both attendees and participants get the most out of your expo with lead retrieval services from Advanced Tradeshow Technology. We have more than 20 years of combined industry experience and we pride ourselves in offering trade show services tailor-made for your needs and objectives. Continue reading to learn more about the value of lead retrieval and contact our team today to get started!

Why Lead Retrieval Matters

Lead tracking has a wide range of benefits. If you are the company planning and executing the trade show in question, lead retrieval can not only help you prove the success of your event, it can also help you ensure the success of future events. With the lead tracking data Advanced Tradeshow Technology can provide, you can show industry-leading businesses why an exhibit at your event is worthwhile. You can also track the exhibitors who generated the most interest and those who struggled. With this quantified measure of success, you can better choose which exhibitors you want to invite to your next event.

From the perspective of trade show participants, lead retrieval helps them get the maximum return on their investment. It costs exhibitors a lot of time, energy, and money to participate in your trade show, and Advanced Tradeshow Technology’s lead tracking services offer them the data they need to justify that investment. We provide a better, faster way for exhibitors to connect with attendees and the data we collect can facilitate faster, more effective follow-ups for your event participants after the show is over. Your participants generate more business and they can quantify the ways in which your trade show helped them succeed.

Try Our Fast, Easy, and Effective Lead Tracking

Accepting business cards or taking notes are methods of the past. Business cards can be easily lost and that hard copy information often has to be uploaded to a database before your exhibitors can follow up on the leads they made at your trade show. Offer them a better way of generating business with innovative lead retrieval services from Advanced Tradeshow Technology. We provide mobile, handheld devices that are intuitive and effective. The barcodes on the badges or tickets you provide your trade show attendees contain accurate, useful data that exhibitors can instantly have in the palm of their hand. This digital data can be shared easily and quickly so the participants in your show don’t have to wait long to follow up with potential customers or track their success.

Capture the Information You Need

Our lead retrieval services here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology not only offer you fast lead tracking, we also ensure that the data you receive is accurate and actionable. Each barcode will contain whatever information you deem useful, including the attendee’s name and title, company, and contact information. Barcode scanning can also offer more in-depth information than you would receive with a business card, such as an attendee’s decision maker status and call requests. Offer your exhibitors demographics they can use so they can get the most out of every lead.

Customize Your Trade Show Services Package

You can choose our lead retrieval service as a standalone option or use it in conjunction with Advanced Tradeshow Technology’s other services. You can hire our team to help with data management to handle the information you collect and help your attendees and participants stay connected throughout your show. We also offer data integration services, which can be key to effectively disseminating the lead tracking data you gathered. You have useful information to share, but if your vendors all use different digital platforms, that can become a challenge. If you add data integration to your trade show services package, Advanced Tradeshow Technology can provide you with highly capable software to help you share the information you collect with whichever platforms your vendors prefer. Contact a member of our team today to see which of our services can benefit you the most!

Why Choose Advanced Tradeshow Technology

There are plenty of companies out there offering lead retrieval and trade show management services, but here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology, we do everything we can to go above and beyond the competition. We start every project from scratch so you receive the exact trade show services you need to meet your goals and objectives, and we work hard to ensure that we set the industry standard. When it comes to lead retrieval, that means we back up all the digital data we collect on your behalf and we have the capability to provide hard copies of that information to any participants who request it. You will also enjoy courteous, high-quality customer service and IT support. When you are planning a trade show, you want a management partner that make things easier, not more difficult. Advanced Tradeshow Technology is here to offer anything you need to simplify trade show logistics, whether that’s speaker management, session tracking, or something more. Explore our site to learn about all the trade show services we provide and contact a member of our team today to see how we can help you find success!