In order to keep attracting high-quality, industry-leading vendors, it is imperative that you as trade show organizers are able to prove the success of the event. Without the proof and sharing of quality leads, vendors may feel that next year’s exhibit is not worth their time, money, or effort. The success of your future events and shows hinges on providing trustworthy, high-quality prospective customer information to your vendors.

Combining our in-depth visitor knowledge with cutting-edge technology, we simplify the process of tracking and attaining attendee information. Our lead retrieval system provides you and your vendors with innovative alternatives to exchanging business cards or taking quick notes.

Utilizing barcodes on event badges or tickets, each comprehensive information capture includes the following attendee info:

  • Name and title
  • Company
  • Address and other contact information
  • Decision maker status
  • Call requests

We back up all digital information and can also provide vendors with hard copies of leads. Furthermore, we provide trade show organizers with knowledgeable and courteous IT support and customer service.

Lead retrieval lets you offer your vendors an additional service not often available with your average trade show company. Our mobile and handheld devices are intuitive to use and reliable. Choose this as a stand-alone service or use it in complement with our other extensive trade show management services.

To learn more about how our technology and client-centric services can contribute to the success of your next expo, contact our team today.