The modern world runs on information, and your trade show is no exception. In order to ensure unquestionable success for your event, you need to provide unfettered access to that information — beforehand, during the show, and long after the doors have closed.

From on-site and online certificate tracking to continued education verification, internet connectivity, and lead retrieval, we’ve developed a number of systems that ensure comprehensive online access to the data you need. Our information capabilities here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology are flexible enough to integrate with your own show management websites and network and we can customize our systems to address the specific needs and objectives of your trade show.

We are proud to offer comprehensive information services, including:

On-Site Internet Cafés

Allow your attendees to stay connected while attending your trade show through easy-to-use, web-connected portals. Each internet café area comes equipped with personal computers, semi-private workspaces, and secure web browsing.

Continuing Education Verification Equipment

Continued education units or credits can easily be logged and session attendance can easily be verified online through our password-protected portals. We generate certificates for you either in real time or as future proof of attendance. Decide what works best for you and let our team here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology provide flexible solutions for continuing education verification.

Lead Retrieval

Don’t let a single precious lead slip away from you or your vendors. Our information services are designed to efficiently and effectively gather and sort attendee information, including lead retrieval data. With 2D data-collecting badge technology, we can collect the relevant information you need to make your trade show a viable and valuable marketing tool.

Reporting Capabilities

Whichever package you choose from our wide selection of trade services, you will have reporting capabilities.

At Advanced Tradeshow Technology, we take an all-encompassing approach to modern trade show management and setup. We are committed to setting the bar for the rest of the industry. By focusing on your goals and objectives, we create an experience for both you and your vendors that is rarely outdone.

Find out why we’re among the most respected and sought-after trade show management companies in the country and contact us today. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.