With a focus that has been keenly aimed at ensuring seamless implementation and simplified processes, we have designed a developed and unique approach to trade show registration. Whether your event requires pre-show online registration, large-scale group registration, post-registration data retrieval or customized reporting, our uniquely engineered process simplifies the tasks for all organizers. Structuring our efforts around the unique needs and objectives of show organizers, we strive to provide secure, stable and trustworthy registration services, before, during and after your event.

Pre-show registration

Offering online registration capabilities, we offer 24-hour attendee and vendor registration platforms. Fully integrated with our proprietary software, and intensely protected by today’s most secure software platforms, our systems securely and effectively process and track all payments while transferring them directly to your own merchant account, eliminating the frustration of having to wait for registration payments.

Automatically creating financial reports and vendor or attendee statistics, as well as providing session bookings and confirmations, your pre-registration needs are easily addressed through Advanced Tradeshow Technology’s all-encompassing pre-registration services.

On-site Registration

Never compromising the success of your event, we place extra emphasis on on-site registration services, ensuring a seamless transition from online to in-person processing. Utilizing a browser-based, on-site registration application, backed by a trained onsite team, we strive to ensure up-to-the-minute, prompt and accurate attendee registration for both groups and individuals, as well as vendor tracking that answers all of your registration questions easily and transparently.

Post-show registration

From sales reports to attendee counts, we believe that post-show registration information is one of the most important services we can provide trade show organizers. Without customized reports, delivered in a timely and accurate manner, organizers are unable to qualify their event in terms of success. It is our goal to provide the necessary customized registration reports available 24 hours a day as needed, in order to help ensure the success of future events. If one of our extensive, pre-formatted and templated reports won’t work for your data needs, we’ll create any individualized report you require, including those fields of information that are exclusive to your event objectives.

Customizing our solutions to suit the needs of your organization, we streamline the process between engineering and reporting, handling your trade show registration requirements on an as-needed basis. Our goal is to make the entire operation as intuitive, simple and transparent as possible, for attendees and exhibitors.  

Find out more about our extensive trade show registration capabilities and what our technological innovations can do for your next trade show by contacting us now.