The hundreds – perhaps thousands – of vendors you work with are unlikely to all use the digital applications to manage data after your expo has ended, but they need and expect full data integration. Here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology, we’ve built software with the ability to openly and transparently share your trade show’s results and statistics. With our data integration system, you can easily provide vendors with proof of attendance, lead retrieval information, and more, regardless of the application they choose to use.

Our data compilation technology allows trade show and event managers to easily translate our proprietary information into usable data and openly share it with those who need it. We strive to avoid data loss and transparency complications. With simple transfers, you can easily prove the success of your event while allowing individual vendors to follow up on the leads and contacts made during the event. Our proprietary software makes API integration and communication between membership systems, mobile app providers, our own registration platform, and other systems sensible, quick, and seamless.

Our data integration services are intended to help you eliminate the obstacles keeping data from the people who need it the most.

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