Looking for a new trade show services provider? Send your request for proposal to Advanced Tradeshow Technology today!

What is a Request for Proposal?

A request for proposal, or RFP, is a way for your organization to find new vendors or service providers for your event. You send out a document telling vendors what you need for your trade show – hotel rooms, meeting space, food and drinks, registration systems, and more – and asking for offers. Potential vendors will send you a proposal in response describing what their company can do for you.

Why Send an RFP

There are a few reasons why organizations send out request for proposals. For one, if you are new to the trade show business and don’t yet have an established relationship with a venue or provider, then an RFP is your chance to see what each company has to offer. If you are an old pro at trade show planning, but things have changed, an RFP can help you find new companies to cater to your new set of needs and objectives.

Here are a few reasons you might want to send out a request for proposal:

  • You’re hosting a new show at a new location
  • You are planning a show that is larger or smaller than previous events
  • You need to accommodate a new budget
  • You are planning a show with a completely new format

Whatever your reason may be, you should only send out an RFP if you are actively looking for a new trade show services provider.

Why Choose Advanced Tradeshow Technology

If you want the best new technology at your next trade show, send your next RFP to Advanced Tradeshow Technology. Our team can offer you a bevy of customizable services that have made us an industry leader, including:

You have the option to choose one service at a time or all of them at once in a combination package, and no matter what you choose, Advanced Tradeshow Technology can promise a tailored approach to every one of your events. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions here — we believe in a customer-centered approach that will exceed your expectations.

Working with our team here at Advanced Tradeshow Technology comes with more than a few benefits. Not only will our services ease the trade show planning process and add value to your event, but the also offer you the opportunity to improve the experience of both your exhibitors and attendees. Our services are affordable, scalable, and secure.
We know how to offer you the best possible value as a knowledgeable and experienced trade show services provider, and in addition to cost savings, we can even offer revenue-sharing opportunities.

Send Us Your Request for Proposal Today

To get a taste of our personalized approach, send Advanced Tradeshow Technology your next RFP and let us know what you need. We’ll send you a custom proposal in response and outline how we can help you achieve your goals. Can’t wait to start a new partnership? Contact a member of the Advanced Tradeshow Technology team now!