Trade shows can have huge benefits for everyone involved, as you might have learned from one of our previous blog posts, and now you’ve decided to create your own trade show. It’s a daunting task, but Advanced Tradeshow Technology wants to help. Our staff has been on both sides of the industry as vendors and show management, so you can trust our trade show services to deliver exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your expo! In the meantime, continue reading for our tips on planning a trade show. If you’re new to this blog, start with part one of this series for the very first steps you should take.

Make A Budget

Trade shows cost a lot of money, so make sure you know what kind of commitment you’re making. You need to determine how much your company will spend as well as how to offset that spending. In our last blog, we discussed finding sponsors, which will help cover many of the costs. Now we will discuss the fees that should cover the other portion of your spending as well as some fees you may not think to include in your budget.

Decide Fees for Vendors and Attendees

Deciding on competitive prices for your attendees and vendors is crucial to the success of your trade show. For attendees, consider the perceived value of your event and how many people you anticipate will attend. You’ll lose valuable numbers if you overcharge for access. For vendors, you need to determine the value of each individual exhibition booth space. Most trade shows will charge more for prominently positioned spaces and ask exhibitors to pay for upgrades like more tables, electric outlets, and audio-visual equipment. Keep in mind that you are selling valuable space; look back at our last blog post for statistics on how a trade show exhibit benefits business.

Consider Other Costs

Make sure the research you did earlier in your planning process was thorough, because there are a lot of possible fees and extra costs to include in your budget. Regardless of how big or small your trade show will be, you should spend a significant portion of your budget on legal counsel and liability insurance. You will need to hire staff to help you manage the event — even if you keep your event small, you should probably have individual people dedicated to marketing, operations, and customer support each. Hiring Advanced Tradeshow Technology is a good choice for trade show services and support that you can trust, with backup systems operating 24/7 to ensure you can concentrate on hosting a great show. Contact us for more information!

Trade show logistics are complex and planning your finances is one of the most difficult steps you need to take. Let Advanced Tradeshow Technology take some of the pressure off by handling trade show services like pre-show, on-site, and post-show registration. As a division of ATT Expo Market – a trade show management company  – you can trust us to anticipate your needs and effectively solve your problems. Call today to learn how we can customize our systems for your trade show and keep an eye out for the final post in this series!

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